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Mommy and Me: Yoga with Your Children

With young children, life can be a little chaotic. These little bundles of joy are always vying for our attention, and mothers who regularly used to practice yoga find it harder and harder to take the time to get back to the routine. 

There is a wonderful solution to this problem, one that does not involve finding a yoga class with a children’s play area (which is very rare and very expensive). The solution is simple: practice yoga with your child. 

Even though this sounds a little far-fetched, there are a lot of parents who have joined the bandwagon and reporting wonderful results. It not only allows your child to stop, slow down, and clear their minds but also provides a wonderful opportunity for a parent and their child to bond. 

How To Begin

There is no age restriction on yoga, and you can begin with children as young as 18 months old. However, it is essential to start with small steps and only dedicate 15 minutes to yoga every other day to ease your child into the habit.

Children, like, adults crave routine, so it is important to stick to the same poses and keep the order in which they are performed the same as well. The poses should be kept simple, but don’t forget to encourage them to express their own creativity by adding their variations to the postures. They don’t really need to keep their alignment at this age.

A few poses that are recommended are the downward-facing dog, the cobra pose, the handstand against the wall, the tree pose, the child’s pose, and the corpse pose.

Things To Keep In Mind

As you know, with children, it is hard to maintain focus and get them motivated to try yoga. There are a few things to keep in mind when practicing yoga with your child. It is essential, to begin with, little or no expectations because things will only progress slowly. It is better to start by taking a few deep breaths during the first few days and then slowly proceeding to the postures.

When you are getting your child involved in yoga get them their own yoga mat. It could be an old mat and they can make it their own by decorating it with stickers or paint. This way they will feel like they are an equal in the yoga room. 

Be careful of the child’s safety while practicing even if there are no poses that could cause them to topple over or fall down. You could fall down on top of them, or they could hit their head on the floor while attempting the handstands. 

Treat the child with some tender love and care. Set up a tradition such as a healthy snack after yoga and a glass of water or a nap to cement the practice in their daily schedule. It also helps them pause their activities to practice yoga and helps them associate it with peace.