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How Can Metallic Leggings Add Sparkle to Your Yoga Outfit?

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, the stores are filled with glittery ensembles and dresses to fit the occasion. As the end of the year comes near, you start to see the resurgence of all things metallic to combat the dreary days of grey winter skies. Many people try to save their glitter for special occasions, but couldn’t you make good use of a little sparkle on a daily basis as well?

Many yogis are already aware of the power that their outfit can hold, particularly for their practice and their prana energy. Strong metallic colors like gold or silver can give you the feeling of power and control, even in the midst of the chaotic holiday season.

Fortunately, yoga apparel manufacturers are taking note of this glittery trend and are now releasing very popular metallic leggings. Are you wondering how to pull off this sparkling trend? We figured you may welcome the advice, so here are our best tips for adding a little shine into your winter yoga outfit.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple

It’s really difficult for anything else to compete with the glitter and shine of metallic yoga leggings. The light reflects off them perfectly, catching attention even from the most distracted passerby. You probably want to abandon the idea of having the other items of your outfit compete for attention with these sparkly yoga leggings.

Instead, try to keep everything else very neutral and simple. Long white tunic tops can brighten up a dark glitter, just as black tunic tops can tone it down. If it’s too cold for just a long-sleeve shirt and leggings, add a dark wool pea coat over top. The longer the length of the coat, the better the match will be for your metallic yoga leggings.

Mix and match the glitter with interesting textures

Texture is a playful way to make your outfit even more interesting without competing with the colors. Pairing an oversized knit sweater with a slim-fitting pair of metallic yoga leggings is a great choice to create some visual interest. Look for extra-long sleeves, bulky turtlenecks, and tunic-length knits to complete the look.

Wear the right shoes

Are you having a hard time figuring out what kind of shoes to wear with your metallic leggings? Color is an important factor for your footwear, just as it is for the outfit itself. Look for shoes in neutral colors like charcoal grey, deep blacks, and crisp whites. The type of shoes you want to wear will depend on the style you’re going for.

A casual look with metallic leggings could be completed with a pair of all-white tennis shoes like Chuck Taylors. A dressier look may benefit from low-heeled booties.

You can shine a little brighter this holiday season with the simple addition of metallic yoga leggings into your wardrobe. Don’t be tricked into thinking that this trend is too difficult for you. With these simple styling tips, you’ll be shining in no time.